SlovakGenealogy, LLC performs research across Slovakia and in southern Poland. We offer a free review of your materials and previous research in order to create a customized research plan. We then provide a meaningful quotation based on your research goals.

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We specialize in the difficult border regions of Orava, Podhale, and Zamagurie Regions, and the former Spiš County Hungary. The villages were once part of the historical Kingdom of Hungary and Galicia. Post WWI and WWII, the borders were redrawn leaving certain villages in northern Slovakia and others reassigned to Poland. Many of these border village records have not been microfilmed and are only available in the villages themselves.

With the tightening of privacy laws in Slovakia and Poland, personal research is becoming harder and may require the expertise of a professional.



Help Locating your Ancestral Village

A common myth is that our ancestors stayed in the same village for centuries. Like our immigrant ancestors, they may have moved. Let us help you find all of your ancestral villages and migration paths.

Discover your Family History

We perform sound genealogical research with full documentation and sourcing according to generally accepted practices by the Association of Professional Genealogist (APG)

Church Record Searches

Accessing records may seem easy but it really is a process. Our success comes from understanding the cultural norms, building confidence, being respectful, and not giving up allowing us access to records that are only available in the parishes.

Cemetery Searches

With time passing, cemeteries are being upgraded, family graves reused, and new markers placed. We can search for your family’s existing grave markers.

Village Photos and Histories

We work to locate and translate village histories and take photos of the changing village landscapes.

Church Photos and Histories

Church was a big part of our ancestor’s lives. See the font in which your ancestor was baptized in, marvel at the richness of even the smallest village church; learn the history.

Ancestral Trip Preparation

Don’t spent precious time in-country trying to locate records and family. Enjoy the most out of your experience by having us do the research in advance.

Locating Present Day Relatives

A myth is that our immigrant ancestor always left family behind or that those in the village with the same surname are “our family.” We can locate present-day descendants of your common ancestors. This is becoming more difficult with the privacy laws being enforced in Slovakia and Poland.

Document Retrieval

We seek out records and other documents in the Slovak Republic and Polish State Archives, land and civil registry offices.

Translation Services

We offer translation of old family letters and documents as well as all records including those in Cyrillic.

Cadastral Map Searches

Want to know if your ancestral home still exists? We can search local property maps.

Forensic Heir Search

We can perform heir searches across Slovakia.